Welcome to The Lariat

The Lariat is the essentially an outlet for all my creative juices. My plan for this site for now is to be a place where I can write about the things that matter most to me in life. Movies, television, and even professional wrestling occupy my thoughts all day long. So I wanted an outlet to spill my guts so to speak and hopefully connect with likeminded people all around the world.

The site is in it’s infancy now, and I’m not even sure what the future holds but I am treating this like a constantly evolving creative project.

If you would like to write for the Lariat shoot me an email at

thelariat.karcher@gmail.com and we can chat about your ideas.


Show reviews

Check out our latest reviews of recent shows. Currently following RAW and Smackdown on a regular basis. We often add classic reviews up as well.


Check out all our latest video series. Currently we have a weekly show that previews all of the upcoming wrestling you can stream in the upcoming week. New shows will be coming soon!



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